Howesdubai.com is a weekly  blog, which started in 2012, highlighting economic and financial news emanating mainly from Dubai but also from elsewhere, especially when it may have an impact on the region.

It is a free website that hopes to give the reader an insight into regional developments along with interesting news titbits.

It will be an information tool that will tend to concentrate on the positive news and will guide readers to become more aware of the intricacies and workings of living and working in Dubai.

Its main contributor is Dubai-based Tim Howe, Managing Director of Al Ghaith & Co, Public Accountants.  The firm is a member of MSI Global Alliance, an international association of independent legal and accounting firms in over one hundred countries.

Along with his business degree, he is a qualified Australian CPA and a Chartered Secretary. He has lived in Dubai for the past twenty seven years and, prior to that, has worked in such diverse locations as Zambia, UK, Kuwait, Australia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.

He has had his own weekly article – Howe To Do It – published in the Gulf News and has been a contributor to BBC Worldwide.


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