It’s All Over Now! 28 October 2021

For the past week, ending 28 October, Dubai Land Department recorded a total of 1,254 real estate and properties transactions, with a gross value of US$ 1.34 billion. It confirmed that 1,080 villas/apartments were sold for US$ 590 million, and 174 plots for US$ 251 million over the week. The top three transfers for apartments and villas were all apartments – one sold for US$ 19 million in Nad Hessa, followed by two transactions in Burj Khalifa worth US$ 14 million and US$ 12 million. The top three land transactions were for a plot of land in Business Bay, worth US$ 19 million, followed by two for US$ 13 million each in Mohammad Bin Rashid Gardens. The most popular location in terms of volume and value was Business Bay, with 155 transactions totalling US$ 46 million. Mortgaged properties for the week totalled US$ 447 million and 79 properties were granted…

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